The Online Dancer. Dance Conditioning for EveryBODY.

Did you know that ALL dancers, from 5 to 105, need at least one hour of
conditioning for every five hours of dance instruction or practice?

Through safe and effective programming, The Online Dancer aims to be every dancer’s conditioning companion. Working from mobility to stability in a way that is functional for dancers, our programs are for everyBODY and every dancer.

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Dance conditioning can be used to:
👉 Prevent injury
👉 Rehabilitate from injury
👉 Increase flexibility
👉 Improve overall strength
👉 Learn safe movement
👉 Practice skills for en pointe work
The Online Dancer offers customised programs that include strength,
flexibility and more to ensure our dancers get the best of everything.

We love our dancers!
Besides our individual clients, The Online Dancer has a special programme
for dance schools. Every school should have conditioning built into the
curriculum, but many teachers and directors don’t have the time to research a
whole new field! The Online Dancer works with you to ensure your
dancers are safe, strong, and resilient.

Our dance school packages include:
👉  Workshops for dance teachers, going over basics of dance conditioning, injury rehabilitation and body positivity
👉  Rehab packages for individual dancers – these programmes are created in consultation with the child’s dance teacher and

👉  14 Day Discover Programmes to challenge all students – fun and informative, students can try everything from how to do the splits, to
turnout, to mobility!
👉  Pre-pointe programmes for ballet students
👉  One-on-one conditioning for teachers or students

A Body Positive Approach

We know that the joy of dance is for everyBODY. At The Online Dancer, Body Positivity (BoPo, for short!) is at the heart of everything we do.
So, what is it? Basically, it means acknowledging that we all have different sizes, shapes and abilities. Body positivity is about accepting your body as it is, right now: seeing it as a miracle, as beautiful and valuable.
We acknowledge that the dance world can be a cruel place to people who don’t look like the “ideal” dancer. We work to give voice, support and love to all bodies, without judgement. In fact, with celebration! BoPo means everyBODY is capable of gorgeous movement, and expressive art, just as it is.


It’s all for the love of dance. Come with us and JOIN THE MOVEMENT.


Meet our dance conditioning coach Lisa-Marie Hooper.

Lisa-Marie is a lover of dance and movement, and the owner of The Online Dancer. Lisa-Marie enjoys the connection between the body, the mind and the art – and where they all connect in the world of dance.

Growing up in the suburbs of Auckland, New Zealand, Lisa-Marie has always been a dreamer. Her passion for dance started early, when her mum took her to attend her very first Tap dance class at age 6. She never really stopped dancing, and by working her way through a dance degree at Auckland University, she found her love for the way the body moves and the joy it can create in everyBODY.

Never one to stop learning, Lisa-Marie added (in the same year!) the Diploma of Fitness and Diploma of Dance Teaching and Management to her qualifications – helping her further create classes and educate the next generation of dancers. Taking any opportunity to learn, you can be sure Lisa-Marie will create fun and exciting programs that will not only challenge you but also give you a new and improved way to look at your dancing.

Additional Qualifications:

Lisa Howell Level 1 Dance Teacher Training

Lisa Howell Level 2 Pointe

Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Instructor

Y.P.A.D Certified Teacher

Certified Pre and Post Natal Coach


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